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November 25, 2011

Hello there. This is a photo summary of what I’ve been up to the last couple of months, other than considering my impending doom. Third year brings with it, not only the joys of having to write 10,000 interesting words that will probably determine how well I do in my degree, but also the growing realisation that I need to like, get a job soon. A grown up job. It’s a little bit terrifying. On one hand I want to  work hard so that I can get a good final grade, on the other I want to enjoy myself while its societally acceptable. Also, I’m 21 soon. In short, I’m not the biggest fan of third year.
Over to the pictures:

Went on an adventure to the New Forest, its such a lovely place//Thought this tree looked evil// Ended our day in this brilliantly named pub, with some cider and a ploughman’s lunch. Perfect.

Made a rainbow cake for my housemate’s 21st// Rather pleased with it// Went to a tearoom in Southampton, had the biggest sandwich EVER// Fireworks at Crystal Palace.

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