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June 16, 2011

In January I set myself some goals. As we are almost exactly half way through the year I thought it would probably be a good time to reflect on what I have achieved, what I haven’t quite managed and what challenges I can set myself for the latter half of the year.

First things first, the goals I have reached:

  • Expand my baking/cooking repertoire: I’ve baked quite a few different things this year, including some old favourites such as cupcakes and cookies but with slightly different recipes, as well as venturing into things such as these cinnamon buns which are completely out of my usual comfort zone. I still have plenty of baking inspiration stored in my head so I plan to continue with this over the summer. As mentioned in a previous post, this year I have discovered that I like quite a few more foods than I thought I did. As a result, my cooking has become a lot more varied. This makes me happy. Never thought I’d be looking forward to making a lentil and feta salad but somehow, I am.
  • Get a job: Now, I don’t think I can adequately explain just how proud of myself I am, or why this is such a big deal, so you’ll just have to trust me. Starting the 11th July I will be working pretty much full time until September, doing Admin. No it’s not glamourous and I probably will get sick of it BUT its a job. I will be earning my own money. It’s the same place I went for work experience last year but this year circumstances have miraculously come together so that their current temp is leaving. Which means I can be paid and will have something substantial to put on my CV. With a proper reference. Sorry, I’m rambling but I’m so pleased. There is a touch of nepotism at work here and the people there already know me which makes it easier, but baby steps. It’s better for me this way and can only help build my confidence.
Works in Progress:
  • Be healthier: I wasn’t quite sure whether to put this as achieved or not, but having thought about it, there are a couple of things I still want to tick off. It’s not really something that can be achieved entirely, I won’t suddenly declare myself as healthy as I can be, but I know there are some little things I can still improve on. I definitely have a better attitude to food and I think my diet is pretty good for a student. I feel a lot healthier all round, physically and mentally, which is a very good thing. I think I have cut back the amount of sugar I eat to some extent but that still needs a bit of work. I’ve been exercising a little more but I haven’t got properly back into running, which is something I really want to do. I also don’t think I drink enough water at all, but I think that will change once I’m sat in an office all day. Trips to the watercooler become a novelty if memory serves correctly.
Must try harder:
  • Write more: I have made an effort to blog more, but things kept getting in the way. I have a plan to work on this though, more about that in a bit. Similarly with writing for the uni paper, I kept having too much work on when writers meetings were announced. Hopefully something that I can work round next year. Although I will be writing a dissertation…
  • Work harder academically: The least said about this the better. I physically cannot write an essay less than 48hours before the deadline. And revision was just awful. Really must try harder.
So, a mixed bag. I am proud of what I have achieved (once again, I have a JOB) but I’m aware that with a little more commitment I could do a lot more. It’s not like these things are over ambitious and they are all things that I know will make me happier if I do achieve them. With that in mind, here are my goals for the rest of the year:
  • Drink more water: Pretty simple really, aiming for the 1.5litres a day- yay hydration!
  • Develop an exercise routine: In preparation for my upcoming holidays I have been trying to stick with the 30 day Shred workout. Trying being the operative word there. I think that combined with some regular running and riding every couple of weeks I could create a nice routine to keep me a little fitter and healthier.
  • Get a part time job in Southampton: More job experience can only have a good effect on my job prospects after uni and a bit of extra money in term time would be good.
  • Work out a daily routine and stick to it: This probably seems vague (and obvious), but if I’m going to be working, exercising and whateverelse-ing I’ll need some structure. I’m hoping that I will get a bit more uni work done this way as well. Going to be careful not to get too stuck with a routine though, I know I have a tendency to get anxious when I have to deviate from a plan. However that is not a reason not to make them.
  • Don’t worry, be happy: I worry too much. I think I’ve made some progress with this so far this year,  so I need to carry on believing I can do things and just go for it.
Right, I’m sick of talking about myself now, so I will bid you adieu.
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