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Reasons to be Cheerful #4

March 25, 2011

[Well I started writing this about a week ago but, as ever, work got in the way and 3ooo words of essay needed to be written. Bleh. However this handily fits in with the Postaday2011 topic for today – Finish a draft post. So its clearly fate. Onwards…]

As I rambled incessantly about last week (ok so it was longer than that), I’ve not really been feeling myself lately. To some extent this has lifted, although it’s just as likely I’m just shoving all my worries to the back of my head, healthy I know. HOWEVER seeing all that’s happening in the world at the moment, natural disaster and devastation in Japan and New Zealand, uprisings in the Middle East of varying success and Comic Relief about to remind us just how lucky we are to live in an affluent country, I think it’s about time I get a grip and appreciate the good parts of my life. For, despite my melancholy disposition, there are many things that make me happy. Basically, I think its time for another instalment of Reasons to Be Cheerful:

#1 Excuse the soppiness, but the one thing that truly makes me happy every single day is my boy. No idea what I would do without him. Something that specifically made me happy recently were these lovely flowers: I love tulips and these were so pretty and colourful. I’m not that into traditional romantic things, but I love being bought flowers. I know there are a few ethical debates over cut flowers but they do really make me happy and we always have some at home on the kitchen table.

I'm clearly brilliant at photography.

#2 Spring! Winter appears to finally be leaving us and we’ve been having some lovely weather in Southampton recently, although it is still a bit chilly [Scrap that, I walked to and from uni today without a cardigan/jacket. And have possibly caught the sun on my chest. I’m stupidly pale] . The sun makes me infinitely more cheerful. Some daffodils have popped up in our garden and around campus and there is blossom appearing on trees. I love blossom, might try to take a few pictures, it’s just soo pretty! There is a lovely stream that goes through the middle of my uni campus (part of the reason why I chose to come here…I’m not fickle or anything) and this means DUCKS. They have returned from wherever they go in winter and there are lots of them quacking about. Which means soon there will be ducklings. HAPPYFACE.

#3 The other weekend my sister came to stay, which was lovely. Finally took her to The Hobbit, which is my local pub. I have no real interest in the loose Lord of The Rings theme but there’s a shack in the huge beer garden (biggest in the South I believe…) that sells reallly good Caribbean food, jerk chicken and the like. And cheesy chips. The main reason I invited her down was to have someone to go with to the Affordable Vintage Fair that was  happening on campus. It was a good event I bought a  chunky stainless steel ring that I really like for £2.50 and a DKNY mens shirt in a sort of peachy nude colour. I’m not sure if it’s actually vintage but its was a definite bargain at £8. Other than that we just chilled watching films and I enlisted her to help cook us a butternut squash and lentil curry. Lovely weekend in all.

#4 Trying new foods. Now, this probably seems a little trivial but its a big deal for me and I’m actually really proud of myself. As a child I was a really picky eater, something that provided a lot of stress for my parents and sister. I’m pretty sure I made meal times hell. However, I’ve gone from just about tolerating peas and carrots with my roast dinner to tonight’s dinner of baked butternut squash stuffed with courgette, yellow pepper, red onion, spring onion and pesto, with feta on crumbled top (that’s a lot less fancy than it sounds, pretty cheap too). In recent weeks I’ve found a love for roast broccoli, something I had to ring my mum about and told her to pass it on to my former childminder, it was that big of  a deal.  I’ve also conquered the big one- hummus. My biggest problem with foods is texture so hummus has become a bit of nemesis in recent years. I was talked into trying it though and I do like the taste and I’ve decided if I treat it like a spread rather than a dip then its more manageable. I realise this is less than thrilling but as I said, I’m really pleased. It’s also helping me branch out in my cooking, which is one of my goals for the year.


I now eat the majority of these foods. Shocking.

This has turned into a bit of a mammoth post but I hope it makes up for recent absence. I have one week left of uni before I go home for Easter, I might do a quick post before then but I’m really going to try to post properly once I’m home. Mostly because there won’t be much else to do and I refuse to spend my holiday working solidly. Farewell for now.

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