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The Healing Power of Music

February 20, 2011

I’m taking one of the Postaday/week suggestions as inspiration today, as it appeals to me a lot. The question is ‘When you’re feeling down, what music cheers you up?‘.  The short answer is all music cheers me up, I can’t sit in silence and music obviously breaks silence and also often gives me something else to think about, whether it’s a new take on the lyrics or noticing something new in the instrumental part.

That’s a bit of a cop-out though, so I’ve had a think and have narrowed down three artists/albums/songs that really cheer me up, along with the reasons why:

#1 First off, Ms Laura Marling. She won Best Female Solo Artist at the Brits this week and I think it is truly deserved. She has such a beautiful voice and her lyrics show just how intelligent and thoughtful she is. Her music cheers me up despite not being obviously joyful, she gives me something to relate to and her voice just makes me happy.

#2 Maxïmo Park/ Paul Smith. I’ve been a bit gloomy today and I’ve got Paul’s album on now, it seems to have snapped me out of it. Again, lovely voice, intelligent lyrics that give me something to think about. Maxïmo Park especially have really complex and layered music which is a pleasure to unravel into different parts. Also, I’ve had so many good times seeing them live, remembering being 2nd row at a Park gig will always cheer me up.

I don’t want this to be a list of my favourite artists (although obviously they make me happy…) so my third choice is a specific song that picks me up:

#3 The Coral- Dreaming Of You. I just love this song, I think it’s the bass line. It’s not actually a very happy song, being about needing to move on from someone even though you don’t really want to. But its delivered in a way that makes you dance, I love when this is played in a club.   [Interestingly, I just had a look on and there is some dispute about whether it’s actually about heroin. Which doesn’t really make sense in the context of The Coral as they were really young when this was written BUT there is the suggestion that Pete Doherty wrote it and gave it to them, which would give the heroin theory credibility. I’m going to continue to take it in the context of heartbreak because I can relate to it that way, but this a brilliant example of what I mean about different interpretations of lyrics giving you something new to think about.]

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