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February 13, 2011

Last week was so  busy, by my standards anyway. Lectures have started again, I’m really looking forward to a couple of my modules as they are more focused on the areas of politics that I’m interested in. For example one module is entitled Constitutional Politics in Britain, meaning it’s about stuff that is actually happening right here, right now. Now I do see the value of political theory and it is interesting, but I’d much rather be studying relevant issues that I can see taking place.

In addition to lectures it was also a couple of my homefriends birthdays. One of them goes to the other uni here, so I get to see her fairly regularly, compared to other friends at least. I went out with her and her friends the night before her birthday and had quite a good time- found someone to chat to that I hadn’t met before and managed to get home early. On her actual birthday we went out for a meal which was also lovely, had a nice vegetable gumbo. I’m finding I look at the vegetarian options in restaurants  more and more, they are often far more interesting, especially as meat wise I tend to only go for chicken and that can get boring.

For the second birthday I travelled to London for the weekend. Got to Kennington at about 4pm and spent the rest of the afternoon chilling in my friends beautiful flat with most (not all. sadface) of my bestest friends. We spent the evening snacking, getting ready and pre drinking before heading to Vendome in Mayfair for an all expenses paid night out. Seriously, unlimited free Belvedere. Not to be sniffed at. It’s so special when we’re all together, it’s so rare these days.

On Sunday I met my parents and sister and her boyfriend in Covent Garden for a late lunch at PJs bar and Grill. I had parmesan coated chicken which is a good example of how chicken does not have to be boring. After lunch I grabbed a coffee at Victoria station then headed back to Southampton. I then inexplicably stayed up to watch the superbowl, although in reality it was just a good excuse to finish my book, The Affair of the Blood Stained Egg Cosy by James Anderson. I love a good Marple style mystery.

Not overly sure where this week has gone, I had a really good night out on Monday but other than that nothing else has happened. Spent some quality time on the library, I am going to really try to work hard this term. I’ve been ill the last couple of days, have been feeling a bit run down for a while so glad it’s finally turned into something.

Valentines Day is tomorrow, I was entirely in the dark about our plans but have managed to find out we’re going out for dinner, but I don’t know where. I’m so impatient, surprises kill me. Still, not complaining.

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