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January 31, 2011

Today I thought I would actually use one of the daily post suggestions, since I haven’t so far and this one seems appropriate for two reasons, a) it is actually Sunday and b) today has been pretty much perfect. So, without further ado, here are the ingredients for the Perfect Sunday:

Start the day off with a lie-in, followed by morning TV in bed due to the wonders of technology. We watched Saturday Kitchen today, which is slightly confusing, but we didn’t see it yesterday and Something for the Weekend wasn’t on.  Going with the flow is key. Next comes breakfast, today I had a cinnamon and raison bagel but pastries or a bacon sandwich would also be acceptable. I’m not a fan of fry ups especially, I need a bit of time before I can eat that much food. Coffee should probably be involved here too.

After breakfast, or more accurately brunch, get dressed and catch up on blogs etc with Huey Morgan’s 6music show on in the background. I’ve only recently discovered this show and its excellent, show a good mix of music. Listened to it on my lovely new stereo (that works!). Ideally would be reading the paper here, but I make do with the Observer online.

Today we then headed off to do a food shop. I enjoy supermarkets FAR too much and Aldi  is especially wondrous. It’s nice to wander around choosing the food for the week at leisure rather than feeling pressurised like it can be during the week. After putting the shopping away, something else I enjoy way too much, I sat down to play Little Big Planet 2, which is so much fun. This part of the day is changeable, curling up with a book or watching a film or Come Dine with Me marathon would have been just a nice. It was a beautiful day today but absolutely freezing, if it had been warmer then a walk could have been on the cards.

My perfect Sunday definitely involves baking, today I made what is supposed to be parkin, but I’m not convinced. It’s a kind of ginger-y syrup-y cake anyway and rather nice regardless of what its supposed to be like. Dinner today was a curry made by my boy, most people find it weird that I don’t really like curry so he wanted to prove to me that I could like them. I may just be converted, he made me a not too spicy chicken balti with plain naan, which was lovely. It doesn’t really matter what dinner is as I’m not a believer in sunday roast EVERY week, although I will never say no to roast duck.  However I do think a lovingly prepared homemade dinner is  a nice way to end the week. We then had a bit of ‘parkin’ each for dessert along with some mulled wine left over from Christmas.

That’s about it, earlyish night after watching something on the TV is how today has ended, which is fine with me. One Perfect Sunday.


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