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Death by Statistics.

January 14, 2011

It’s the time of year when all students begin to wonder- why can’t all exams be in the summer? Regardless of the fact that, come summer, we’ll be wanting to be outside enjoying the day or so that it will actually be sunny, at the moment January exams seem like the worst idea EVER.

I know its dark and miserable outside and I don’t particularly want to be out there, but I resent being forced to stay inside and listen to the rain on my skylight purely because I’m in revision mode. Personally I want to be getting on with this year, not trying to remember things I may or may not have learnt last year. It feels like a bit like limbo. Me and boy keep making eversoexciting plans, like going to IKEA, that we can’t carry out until the next two weeks are over. GRR.

For Christmas I got a lovely new stereo. I wasn’t expecting it all and at first was a bit ‘meh’ about it BUT it has DAB and is all black and shinyyy. Unfortunately I had to send it back because the CD player didn’t work and I should hopefully be getting a replacement soon. I really miss it, I want to listen to 6music/cds in high quality, my short time with it has made me realise how bad the quality of my laptop speakers is. Want it back to make me happy while I revise.

Today I made soup with my new hand blender, which I bought with some Christmas money. It went pretty well, didn’t cover the kitchen in tomato-y goodness. I’m going to attempt to make a pie tomorrow, using some cranberry sauce we bought because it was 10p! From Waitrose! Seriously, revision makes you excited over the smallest things. But yeah, attempting a DIY version of Greggs festive bake, which were amazing. Cooking a nice dinner is a decent revision break, I enjoy cooking as it is and I don’t feel guilty making something yummy for dinner rather than revising because it’s a necessity. I could just survive off toast whilst revising but I’m not sure  that would aid exam performance. I really want to bake some cakes and things, but don’t feel like I can until after exams. Boo. I also went pen shopping, I have really specific requirements from pens that I’m going to write with a lot. I don’t know if its a left handed thing, I need decent quality or else I’ll smudge what I’ve just written. I couldn’t find the exact pens I wanted but think I’ve got a suitable replacement.

I think this post proves why I have ‘stream of consciousness’ as the subtitle to the blog. This really is what has gone through my  head today. That and images like this:



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  1. January 14, 2011 11:29 pm

    That is a very cute pic. 🙂

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