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December 24, 2010

The last few weeks have been hectic. I’ve had gigs, deadlines, more gigs, more deadlines, parties, a birthday and after some travel disasters, I’m finally home. I’ve  spent the bits in-between being sickeningly loved up (obviously not sickening for me, but probably for anyone else around).  It’s nice to be at home, not have to worry about buying food or cooking dinner or buying toilet roll. It’s a bit wierd though, and as soon as Christmas is over I need to start revising and writing another essay. In the marks I’ve got back so far from this semester I’ve done pretty well, but I know I’ve been really lazy so revision needs to be extensive. Joy.

I would expand on everything I’ve mentioned in the last paragraph but I think that would take too long. So I’m going for my highlight. Special mentions go to Frank Turner, who made a sterling effort considering his voice was shot, and Ross Noble who was wonderfully whimsical, but my favourite event of the month was Paul Smith.  He was amazing live, his album translates perfectly into a gig situation and a solo Maxïmo Park medley was an excellent ending. The really intimate venue helped a lot. I like being able to make eye contact with the performer. I didn’t think I could love Paul more, I do now. I forgot to take my camera, boo, and my phone pictures are rubbish, but here’s the video for Our Lady Of Lourdes:

I’m actually looking forward to Christmas for the first time in a couple of years. My grandma died on Boxing Day 2007, she was 97 so we were  expecting it, but it still put a downer on the next couple of Christmas’, for me at least. I’ve had a difficult year this year but December, for the most part, has been spent a lot happier. Mostly due to my wonderful boy, who I really wish I could spend Christmas with, but unfortunately 250miles is currently separating us. Sadface. Looking forward to starting the new year with him though, hopefully a better one for both of us.

Think that’ll do, just as a bit of a catch up. This will become a proper blog , I’m determined. For now though, Merry Christmas.


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