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Reasons to Be Cheerful #3

November 14, 2010

I am short on blogging inspiration at the moment but really want to post, so I thought another ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’ post would suffice. There is so much work I should be doing, and I’m managing to waste the little time I have to do it in, but oh well. My sister is coming to visit tomorrow, which will be nice as I haven’t seen her since August. She’ll get to see my house, although I really feel I should be cleaning it to make it a little more presentable than it is currently. I’ve planned out what we’ll be doing and she seems quite excited, she’s mostly visiting because it was her birthday a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t see her or go home when she did so I’m hoping she has a nice time while she’s here. However her visit does rather reduce my working time and my ex friend might come down next week, it’s a good thing I work well under pressure. I really should learn to start work before ‘the fear’ kicks in though, would probably be better for me. ANYWAY on with the post:

#1 Journalism (sort of) I know I’ve mentioned this a lot already but  I had my first article published this week. Was perhaps a little over excited about it, pointing at the page and squealing ‘its me!’ to anyone who would listen. Submitted a slightly more substantial article yesterday that will be appearing next month. Found this one more difficult  to write as it was an opinion piece and as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m at bit rubbish at opinions.  I am quite proud of myself though for actually getting involved in something and hopefully it will help me in the long run, both academically and personally.

#2 2011: Yesterday I made my first concrete plans for next year  when I bought tickets for myself and my sister to see PULP! They are reforming to play some festivals next year, including Wireless in Hyde Park. I’ve not been to a gig there before so will be interested to see how it works.  Both my sister and my dad were massive Pulp fans during the Britpop era so I grew up listening to them and they’ve come to fit in with my music taste more and more as I’ve got older. I bought Different Class for about £3 when I was around 15 and have fond memories of laying on the grass on my school field during sports day, listening to it on my CD walkman (avoiding any actual sport obvs). Buying tickets to see them is my first move to making next year a good one. I’ve not had a good 2010, having spent most of the year trying to decide whether I should be on antidepressants.  I know it isn’t the happiest of subjects but I think that mental illness shouldn’t still be a taboo and we should be more ready to talk about it. During the summer I realised that I wasn’t the only one of my friends who struggles with everyday life and I have started to gradually feel better. Last week I was genuinely happy for the longest time I have been in a while. I’m not on antidepressants, as I really want to get better on my own, or at least learn to cope with things better. However I recognise that they do help people and think that there should be more information available and less stigma attached to taking to them.  To get back to the main point, I’m really going to try and actively make 2011 a better year and not let life just pass me by.

#3 Baking: I made my housemate a cinnamon and nutella birthday cake today. The poor girl is spending her birthday in the library so hopefully it’ll be a nice surprise for when she gets in. It smells bloody good so should be yummy. I really enjoy baking and try and make treats for the house every couple of weeks. They do put up with me afterall.

Since I started writing this I have actually done something blog-worthy so hopefully there will shortly be a post on my first ever protest!


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