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I Drew You Sleeping.

October 28, 2010

I would love to say I’ve been really busy and had no time to blog, but in reality I’m just lazy . When I have rare bursts of productiveness  I’m trying to use them to get course reading done. However that is not going to happen on a Friday night. I should perhaps be doing more exciting things, but blogging, baking and tv catching up are how I’m spending my evening and I’m looking forward to it. I submitted my first newspaper article yesterday and it’s guaranteed to be published in the magazine as well as online so I’m a bit excited.  Had my first riding lesson the other day, rode a rather troublesome little pony but the people I was with are really nice. Not much else going on, many birthdays coming up so I shall be poor and drunk until about Christmas, when I shall be poor, drunk and twenty. Eep.

This post does have a wider point. Onwards.

Paul Smith’s solo album,  Margins, arrived last Thursday. It was a bit late and in the most ridiculous packaging, its smaller than a dvd yet was in a huge box so I had to run down the stairs to collect it from the postman. I’m a bit disappointed my bookmark wasn’t signed but oh well. Need to take a proper look at the Polaroid book but like what I’ve seen so far, although the temptation to buy another copy of the album for the lyric booklet is a bit strong. However, onto the music:

I suppose if this were a proper review then I should look at the album in its own right and avoid comparison with Maxïmo Park. However if it wasn’t for the Park I wouldn’t have been so quick to snap this album up, or even know who Paul Smith is. So comparison is inevitable.  As I said in this post, my initial reaction to the first track was that it sounds like a Park B-side. This continues  throughout the record, although there is a more distinct sound to the last few tracks.  Lyrically its very similar to a Park record but that’s to be expected, as Paul writes most of their songs himself. His lyrics are as intelligent, descriptive and poetic as ever, but perhaps become a little too art school and awkward at times.

Moving away from the similarities, Margins doesn’t have the same energy as a Park album, the guitar lines are generally less frantic. This, combined with raw production, gives it an overall softer feel.  The production gets a little too raw towards the end of the record, the last few tracks sound like they were recorded in a cavern and gets a little creepy. My favourite songs are those that have the tighter production; Dare not Dive, The Crush and the Shatter and I Drew You Sleeping especially.

All in all, I like it. It’s not amazing but it’s definitely a grower, however I’m biased as I don’t think it’s possible for me to not like something Maxïmo Park related.  So this is a bit of a rubbish review really. Oh well, I tried.

EDIT: This took until Thursday to actually finish and publish. I’m SO LAZY. Grr.

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