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Reasons to be Cheerful #2

October 7, 2010

I went to play Bingo yesterday. Weirdest thing ever. Quite fun though, despite not winning anything, and I went in the spirit of trying new things, one of my goals at the moment. Which leads me nicely onto my reasons to be cheerful this week:

#1 Trying new things: I’m trying to get more involved in societies at uni this year, along with generally trying to meet new people and be a bit more sociable. Starting this blog has made me realise I actually quite like writing in this format and journalism may be a path to follow. Therefore I’m going to start writing for the uni newspaper, The Wessex Scene, and the entertainment magazine, The Edge, that goes with it. This year they have started a policy of ‘Pledge to Publish’ which means that if you submit am article, they will definitely publish it in some form, be that on the website or in the physical paper. This means that I can’t put off writing something ‘because it won’t be published’, everything will be.  Depending on how much and what I decide to write there may end up being crossover with the blog.

#2 Horseriding: Partly because of my aim to be more sociable and also because I’ve realised how much I miss riding when I’m at uni, I’ve joined the Riding Club. I’ve been riding since I was five and have a weekly lesson when I’m at home. Its such good exercise and I love horses so its something I really enjoy and I thought joining the club would help keep me happy when I’m at uni. I’m intending  to go fortnightly to keep the cost down and have an assessment lesson in a couple of weeks.

#3 Libraries: I joined the Southampton library online a few weeks ago and popped in on my way home today to active my card. Libraries are under threat from budget cuts which is a shame as they are really useful community resources. They provide computer and internet access to those who might otherwise not have those facilities and house a wealth of information, not just fiction. I picked up Rachel Allan’s ‘Bake’, which as the title suggests, is a baking cookbook . I like a bit of food porn and I wanted some inspiration. Going  to make some muffins soon to use up some apples I don’t like. I also got Kate Mosse’s ‘Labyrinth’ which I’ve wanted to  read for ages. Will probably take me just as long to read but at least I’ve got it. I resisted getting ‘An Idiots Guide to the Mafia’ but had many lolz over it.

#4 Lectures: My lectures have finally started and I’m enjoying getting back to learning. Not relishing having to get up at 7.30 on Mondays and Tuesdays for 9am Statistics lectures, or the amount of reading and essay writing that is required but I think I’m going to find the course more interesting this year. There’s going to be a lot of exploring the nature of democracy and political philosophy, which is nice. Getting good first impression of my lecturers as well.

So that’s what’s going on in my life at the moment. The results of the shadow cabinet elections are being announced later which will be interesting. I’m going to try and get ahead on my course reading now, bought one of my textbooks on the way home from lectures.

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