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September 24, 2010

I have a pretty obsessive personality. I obsess over bands, shoes, people, every little thing , mostly in a fairly healthy way, as opposed to creepy and weird. I hope. This has been particularly noticeable in the past couple of days. I’ve played around with the layout of the blog and I think I’m finally satisfied. It took a while. I shouldn’t be allowed customisable things, I just can’t stop tinkering (that’s a fun word).

My Moleskine arrived yesterday. It’s amazing. I will will will use it. Just need to find a suitably nice pen…

My Maxïmo Park obsession is probably the worst. Such a fangirl. I haven’t seen them live this year and it kinda hurts. Paul Smith is releasing a book of polaroids alongside his album (which comes out much sooner than I thought. yay!) I can’t resist an album gimmick at the best of times so this was like a red rag to a bull.It was pre-ordered within about ten minutes from discovery. If I get a signed bookmark too I’ll probably fall over in excitement.

I’m thinking about doing a project 365 type thing, photo diary of sorts. Not sure yet.

I’ve been woefully neglecting the news this week, will try and produce something other than filler soon.

I need to go food shopping. And generally do something productive before I turn into a hermit. Shopping list time then Aldi here I come.

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