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Reasons to be Cheerful#1

September 20, 2010

I’m finding it hard to find things to blog about at the moment. Although I’m back in Soton, term hasn’t started yet and therefore most of my friends aren’t here. So I’m a little bored and uninspired.  I could do a rant-y post about the Pope’s visit but I’m trying to be zen about it. Hopefully the party conferences will throw up something worth rambling about, give me more practice at having opinions.

Quite a few of the blogs I read have a regular feature about things they are enjoying that week. I have therefore come up with ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’. This seems like a good idea both for blog filler and because quite frankly I need to remind myself sometimes that life does have its good points.

SO lets get this ball rolling:

#1 London Fashion Week: I think I have already indicated that I rather like fashion.  I don’t like the materialism and body image issues that surround the industry but I do admire it as an art form/method of expression. And I like pretty clothes. London fashion week is a chance to show off British talent and there is something about the level of innovation and creativity demonstrated by both new and established designers that isn’t quite matched by New York, Paris or Milan fashion weeks. It’s also centred around Somerset House, one of my favourite places in London.

#2 Moleskine: After much deliberation I have caved in and ordered a Moleskine planner to use to organise myself for the coming academic year. I love stationary and Moleskines are just beautiful and sophisticated and iconic. Everything I’m not, basically. I bought a Soft Cover 18 Month Weekly Planner in Large for the rather bargainous price of £8.75 from Seeing as the price was one of the things holding me back from buying one before, I’m rather pleased with that. It should hopefully arrive tomorrow or the next day and I promise to love it and look after it and, most importantly, actually use it.

#3 The Labour leadership contest drawing to a close: This is partly because it’s dragged on a bit and the press need something  to write about other than whether or not the Milibands hate each other yet. Mostly however because I am a politics geek and find it exciting. I’m interested to find out what direction the Labour Party will take next, they’re currently at a crossroads and the new leader will decide which path to follow.

#4 Housemates: My house in Soton feels like a proper home now.  I will eventually find something more productive to do, but for the moment lying on one sofa watching my housemate  playing something on PS3 from the opposite one  is keeping me happy.  That and the occasional staring contest. We know how to party round here.

There we go, plenty to be getting on with. I haven’t quite worked out what direction I want this blog to take at the moment, but I think I shall keep this as a regular feature.

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