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September 8, 2010

Today has been spent feeling very sorry for myself with a hideous hangover. Had my last night out in Maidstone yesterday which was actually pretty good. I’m a bit rubbish at going out (by which I mean clubbing. Agoraphobia hasn’t set in just yet) as I have to be in a very specific mood and really rather drunk to have a good time. Sad maybe, but true. Much prefer  going somewhere for a few drinks and a chat. Or sitting round a kitchen table with coffee and some biscuits, something that I’ve particularly enjoyed this summer. However last night I was with a bigger group of my friends than usual, we have different tastes when it comes to going out so haven’t all been drunk together in a while. Much fun. Going to miss them lots.

Nothing much happening this week as I’m just sorting stuff out ready for my return to Southampton. Somewhat hindered by a hangover, lying on the floor isn’t conducive to packing. I’m so excited though, if a little bit apprehensive. I want things to go right this year but am wary of setting expectations too high. Uncertainty. Looking forward to sorting out my bedroom, finding a place for everything and making  it my own. Most of all can’t wait to see certain people.

Want it to be Saturday now.

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