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Restless beneath the desk

September 3, 2010

I am restless, restless for Autumn. Autumn is my favourite season. Summer is too hot, winter is a little too dark and cold and Spring, well, Spring’s quite good too but doesn’t last that long. Autumn means new season clothes, cosy evenings and fresh starts. I like the start of the new academic year far more than the actual start of the year, mainly because it means new stationary. This year it also means the return to Southampton and, whereas last year I was terrified of starting uni, this year I know exactly where I’m living and that I’ve got amazing friends that I can’t wait to see again.

Another reason I love Autumn is that it seems to be the time of year when most bands tend to release new albums. I’m not sure if there are actually more releases than at any other time of year but there always seems to be more CDs on my wishlist.

Currently I am eagerly awaiting:

  • Interpol; Interpol: The fourth album from (you guessed it) Interpol is supposed to a return to the sound of their debut, Turn On the Bright Lights, which is one of my favourite albums, perfect for rainy days. I am most excited, especially because the review in Q says the ‘gloom is relentless’ and that one track contains ‘a flock of mournful trumpets’. Sounds awesome.
  • Brandon Flowers; Flamingo: Solo album from The Killers frontman. This would technically be the Killers fourth album (fifth if you count the B sides collection)  but the band were apparently too tired to make it so Brandon has struck out on his own. The Killers were one of my favourite bands when I was younger, when I was really into music and protective over bands that I’d heard of before they made it big, so I find myself trying to like all their new releases, I didn’t love Day & Age but am willing to give this a go. Anticipating it’ll be more of an easy background listening album than a ‘must listen to again and again’ album but should be good none-the-less.
  • Paul Smith; Margins: Solo effort from Maxïmo Park singer. This is the album I’m most looking forward to and the one I’ve got to wait longest for, as it isn’t due for release til November. Boo.  I’ve already bought tickets to see him at Bush Hall in December, so hoping the record is worth the price of the tickets and travelling to London. And if it isn’t good I will probably cry as I love everything Park related, refuse to write their name without the umlaut and have a massive crush on Paul. Will probably do a fangirl review when the time comes, despite my lack of reviewing skillz.

My dad bought Arcade Fire the other week so I’ve been listening to that inbetween the National’s various offerings and really love it. Wish I’d gone to Reading purely for them, may have cried a little tiny bit watching the BBC footage.  I need to get out more.

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