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Enthusiasm. I haz it.

August 15, 2010

Right, back to the self indulgence. However as I am effectively talking to myself, I can do what the hell I want. Thought I would do a post about the things I’m quite enjoying or am excited about at the moment, music, films, stuff like that. Gives me a chance to play about with adding images and stuff too. See, I think these things through.

First up musiiic: Apart from the National, who I am now officially obsessed with, I’m very much liking the new Arcade Fire material especially this song, Modern Man: 

Very annoyingly Arcade Fire aren’t available on Spotify so I need to persuade my dad to buy the album. I could of course buy it myself, but he’ll buy it eventually either way, so I’m just minimising the consumerism… I’m also very excited about the upcoming solo album from Paul Smith, who’s the lead singer in Maxïmo Park, my absolute favourite band. Ever. There’s a free download available from his website so I’ve snapped that up. I’m not disappointed, his voice and songwriting style are still there as is the musical style I associate with Maxïmo Park, but I can sort of see a separation as well, its more like a Park B-side. It’s not exactly a Bloc Party/ Kele Okereke type distinction but I’m not complaining.

Next we have TV. I’ve not managed to really get into any of the big American series lately, but I’ve enjoyed Chuck since the first season. I missed the second half of the second season due to going to uni but it was easy enough to pick up in the third season and I’m enjoying the direction its taken, though I’m not sure how much further it can progress. Along with an interesting concept and good storylines, Chuck has the added bonus of starring Zachary Levi, who is beautiful a very talented actor. Gratuitous picture? Why not.


Moving on to things I’m excited about, I was unaware until this week that a Moomin film has been in the works and is ready for release. As I heard this on 6music the only thing I know about it is that Bjork has done the soundtrack. I love the Moomins mostly because they are so wierd, managing to be whimsical and creepy at the same time. Hmm some googling has provided new information and its all 3D and stop gap animation rather than just normal animation. Not sure I approve of that, but still could be good.

The final thing I’m excited about is the arrival of new season clothes. I find summer dressing boring and difficult whereas autumn/winter is much more fun. I’m not sure how my style fits in with the autumn/winter trends and while trends don’t dictate what I wear, they do dictate what’s available to buy and since I’m a big believer in retail therapy I do consider how things will work in my wardrobe. I currently really want this dress:

Topshop £45

As its from topshop it is a bit pricey but the  student loan comes in soon so I may get it as a back to uni present to myself. Or I may use my mums Wallis card that handily can be used in Topshop too and pay her back in instalments.  I will look live about five years old if I do buy it what with the peter pan collar and general shape combined with my height (lack of) but I don’t care.  I’m also after some winter shorts as I’ve been wearing denim ones all summer and want a change. It rains a lot in Southampton and I hate wearing wet jeans but I find it really hard to buy other trousers that fit me so shorts with tights are a better option.

Right that’s enough enthusiasm for one day. I’m in quite a good mood because I saw my ex’s new puppy this morning and I am now in love with her, despite the scratches on my legs, but my wisdom teeth are making another break for freedom which stings like a bitch, so I’m going to have some rice pudding. Writing about Paul Smith has reminded me that another member of the Park did a solo album that I never listened to for some reason so I’ve searched it out on Spotify. Therefore I’m off to listen to that and read Elle.


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