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Motel Schmotel & Other Adventures.

August 5, 2010

I was supposed to go on a picnic yesterday, but it rained. A lot. So we adapted the plan and had a car picnic by the lake in the park we were going to anyway.  Sitting in my car with three of my best friends and realising that we’ve got to the age when we can talk about literally anything without the fear of judgement that surrounded the earlier years of our friendship, (Girls school. Bitch central) did me a lot of good. Knowing that your friends do actually know how you feel, that they’re not having the time of the lives at uni like Facebook suggests, that their relationships are as fucked up as yours, is sort of reassuring, even if it doesn’t make anything better and obviously I’d rather they were happy. They still might not be the people I turn to for comfort,  I’m not entirely sure why, but I feel better knowing that it’s an option. I sometimes think that it would be easier to still be a child but things like this make me see that growing up has its advantages. We can still behave like 14 year olds and laugh at the stupid things we did at school, but we can also tackle the challenges of adulthood together.

Anyway, enough of that.

I’ve not visited as much of the UK as I would like, but of the places I have been, Brighton is my favourite.  It’s such a diverse city,  not only in its  demography but in its culture, architecture, everything. Without wanting to sound like a tour guide, there’s something for everyone.  It’s not too far from where I live in Kent so  my family tend to pop down most summers, sometimes just for the day but usually for a weekend, as we did this year. We’ve stayed in a fair few hotels across the city, but I think we’ve found the place we’ll be returning to from now on. Seeing as my mother mostly chose Motel Schmotel based on the name, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  However it turned out to be the nicest B&B I’ve ever stayed in, the couple who own it have clearly put a lot of thought and effort  into creating a really pleasant place to stay. I think you can tell how good any establishment is going to be based on the attention to detail and Motel Schmotel have individual pieces of rock with their name running through placed on top of your towels.  My only complaint, apart from the fact that my rock pieces were not replenished, is that, because I was in the basement room, I could hear all movement above me and therefore when the owners woke up at 6.00 to start doing breakfast, so did I. However I am an awful sleeper so I’m not holding a grudge. The weekend was spent eating, drinking and shopping, in between arguing about which direction we should be going. My family have a disturbingly bad sense of direction, something I always forget despite the fact that my mum and sister can never find the way out of House of Fraser. They also refuse to acknowledge that I’m actually pretty good at finding my way around. Bickering always ensues.

The shops in Brighton are really my favourite part (Apart from the sea. And the Pavillion, And the remains of West Pier.) as I am a somewhat typical girl. Again its the diversity that appeals to me. There is a big shopping centre with the usual high street stores but there are also loads of independent shops. I didn’t actually buy a lot this time and what I did buy was mostly foreign sweets from Cyber Candy, but I did get a pretty ring and a birthday present for one of my housemates.  Although his birthday isn’t til October so it may just be a present. I also bought the National’s latest album from an independent record shop. There are several of these in Brighton and as well as enjoying the wider selection of music on offer, I love seeing my dad’s excitement as he rummages around in them. I really wish there was one where I live, went in HMV today and literally couldn’t find the CDs for a few minutes, its like they’re becoming an afterthought. That’s a topic for another post though. The only other thing I bought was an egg separator as I am weird and like kitchen gadgets.

So yeah, Brighton = good weekend. It was nice to spend some time with my family, something that’s rare nowadays as I’m in Southampton most of the year and my sister lives in London. I don’t enjoy the forced celebrations that are Easter and Christmas so random weekends are the best way to appreciate them. Not too much though, they really get on my nerves. I’ve not got much more planned for summer apart from work experience but it’s just over a month til I go back to Southampton, which feels sort of in reach but also really far away at the same time. That’s all I have to say today, end of ramble.

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