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July 14, 2010

Following much deliberation, alteration and several other things ending in -tion, this blog is born. As this is the first post I feel like it should contain something witty and/or profound in order to set the tone of things to come. However that would just delay things further and probably be misleading, because, as the tagline suggests, this blog is supposed to reflect my stream of consciousness and generally that is neither witty nor profound. Instead it is full of miscellaneous inanities about my day to day life along with musings on things I like, namely music, fashion and cooking. So it is more likely that that is what this blog will contain. I am currently studying a degree course in Politics and International Relations so the subject of  politics will probably also rear its ugly head.

Now I feel I must point out that I haven’t written anything apart from academic essays for several years and as a result I may ramble on a bit. I’m hoping posting something regularly will lead to the development of some kind of style, or at least coherency.  However I may just keep rambling. Only time will tell.

My reasons for starting a blog are numerous but mainly I’m hoping it will help me express myself better, as at the moment things that go unexpressed remain rattling around my head and its getting a bit cluttered in there. It also gives me something more productive to do than browsing tumblr for hours, which is currently how I’m spending my summer break.

So, onwards and upwards. The next post will be about Latitude festival where I spent last weekend. Other than that anything could come pouring out. It may not be pretty.

I’ll stop now.

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